Turk Coban Kopegi


The way it should be! 

Jaffa, a working ASD from the NSW Hunter Valley has proven he has what it takes to be both a real working ASD as well as a Specialty and all breeds BEST IN SHOW winner. 

 Jaffa was awarded BEST IN SHOW at the ASD Club of NSW Championship Show under Turkish Breeds Specialist and president of the Turkish Kennel Club, Dr Umit Ozkanal (Turkey), with a fantastic critic of his form for function.  
A few days later Jaffa went on to win BEST IN GROUP under Dr Umit Ozkanal, then RUNNER UP TO BEST IN SHOW (BIS2) (All breeds) under Mrs M Lunde (Norway)! 


Jaffa is proof that genuine working dogs, (not over reactive, glorified door bells) with correct working temperament can be both working dogs and show dogs. Jaffa is the REAL DEAL! 
After his recent wins, Jaffa is now Australian Champion and will be back at work on the farm until the next big show. 

Our youngest star

Mab awarded BEST BABY PUPPY IN SHOW twice last weekend. Thank you to re judges who have awarded our girl so highly


Ginger goes BEST IN GROUP at 8 months of age 

At just 8 months of age Ginger (Tribocie Ginger Rogers) goes BEST IN GROUP under Mr B Riddle (NSW). Thank you! 


Puppies 8 weeks 







Puppies almost 7 weeks 



I got ya 
Pups with uncle Sultan  
Finvarra and Sultan   

Puppies at 6 weeks 


Puppies are now 5 weeks 



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