Turk Coban Kopegi


This has turned out to be a very big year for us! Our second two legged ‘pup’ is due in a few months and, amazingly rare, two of the girls we mated have now blessed us with puppies too!

Brigid and Duman

Duman is our foundation stud dog and loyal family guardian. He is an Australian Champion and has sired excellent working dogs, family companions and major show award winning dogs. He passes on his sound, level and loyal temperament and his handsome good looks!

Brigid is the first and ANKC registered import from Turkey in Australia, so this is a very special litter. She comes from a traditional working background, and spent the first part of her life raised in this lifestyle. She has the sweetest, gentlest nature; but she is fierce when needed!

Izzy and Rasta

Izzy was bred by Caroline at Comarkaan in QLD. She is a BFG – a big, friendly giant, but will also quickly reprimand nonsense and squash any brewing trouble. An angel with the stock, tolerant of the other farm dogs, and a loyal devotee of our two legged two year old, Izzy is very special to us.

Rasta is a young, strapping, big boy who loves to tear up the show ring when he is not lounging on his family’s couch in Canberra. Also Australian Champion, and son of Duman, he is the first Anatolian to win an All Breeds Best in Show in Australia, and likely the world. His litter mates Jaffa in the Hunter Valley, and Albert in Tasmania are proving to be excellent livestock guardians. Rasta is a lot of fun, and often comes to stay with us to have a romp around the farm and for a weekend of showing.


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