Turk Coban Kopegi


Following in the traditions of local and international champion bloodlines, we breed for excellence in temperament, physical traits and working ability; aiming to recapture and preserve traits true to the original heritage of this breed, and strive for its prowess in the future generations here in Australia. Tribocie is home to the most awarded Anatolians in Australia in 2012, 2013, 2014 and so far in 2015.



 We are the granddaughter of an Australian grazier, a grandson of a Turkish farmer. Together we now share a love for the land, livestock and working dogs.

We also enjoy participating in the sport of dog showing, as it allows us to display our breed to many people, and it also is an excellent way to travel, meet and network with people and is a fun social day out. We have learnt so much about dogs in general through this sport, and enjoy the company of like minded people. We do not define our breed or our dogs by their awards, by the kennel councils definition, or by a judges opinion.

The word Tribocie is a namesake to our first working sheep dogs, three border collies. Our heritage and our cultural ties led us to the Shepherd Dogs of Turkey. We have travelled to family properties, and toured widely across Turkey, Cyprus and Europe researching the dogs and their shepherds, looking to diversify and strengthen the breed here in Australia. This is where Tribocie spans two properties; a 100 acre working property, and another 30 acres in the Hawkesbury. It is here that we can breed and raise dogs on the land, for the land.

Being a family kennel we can also shape suitable pups to be people oriented companions. Many of our breeding are adaptable enough to work with stock, enjoy the company of their family and tear up the show ring all in a days work.





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